How To Plan A 2 Days Camping Trip To Rishikesh

How To Plan A 2 Day Camping Trip To Rishikesh

Whether you’re a first-time camper or an outdoor adventure veteran, Rishikesh offers the perfect place to get away from it all. We break down the must-dos and dos-n’ts of camping in India’s rugged terrain. From picking the right spot, packing the essentials and how to stay safe and sound in the wild – we have got you covered!

1. Choose Your Campsite

The first and foremost step to planning a 2-day camping trip to Rishikesh is picking out your campsite. Taking into consideration the terrain, location, and size of site, make sure you choose the right place to camp. Research nearby campsites online and check customer reviews before opting for one. Once you’ve made your choice and booked it online, you can focus on the rest of the itinerary as needed.

2. Make Reservations

Once you have chosen your campsite in Rishikesh, be sure to book it in advance so as not to face any hassles at arrival time. Do pay attention to all inclusive prices and additional discounts or freebies that may be included with the booking. Check for extra services such as firewood, grills, and pit toilets available on-site before confirming your reservation.

3. Get Ready For The Adventure

To make sure that your camping trip is hassle-free, pack all essential items like food supplies and sleeping bags well in advance so that nothing is left behind at last minute rush! Also ensure that all important documents such as valid IDs are accessible should they be requested during check-in process at the campground site office.

4. Research About Activities To Do

What’s a camping trip without a few fun activities? Look up popular activities in Rishikesh such as river rafting or kayaking in Ganga River along with landing options from each site offers, or going on nature hikes with some cool locales in between—all within a short span of two days! Always try to research about seasonality before visiting any tourist activity spots just to stay prepared for anything unexpected weather wise.

5. Keep An Emergency Plan Ready

No matter how prepared or experienced we feel prior to camping out somewhere new, always remember to keep an emergency plan ready just in case something goes wrong (epecially when travelling alone). Make sure that there are contact numbers available close by should they be required while at remote locations during night time hours; local authorities can come handy too if needed!

6. Plan Meals Ahead Of Time

Eating healthy while camping is critical because unhealthy food could result in unwanted weight gain during outdoors excursions; prepare meals ahead of time by pre-packaging them in individual containers instead of trying out random prepared snacks (they might not turn out fresh ‒ due lack of refrigerator). Organize meals around breakfast lunch & dinner ‒ depending upon what you want eat throughout the day—and don’t forget beverages like tea/coffee & water supply along with this rotation too!

7. Do A Site Inspection

Last but not least -before departing for a 2 day camping trip do inspect the bookmarked campsite thoroughly by visiting its physical address so that any small issues have timely solutions; take photographs where necessary & prepare a list of instructions or conversation topics if necessary with office reps regarding booking confirmation process etcetera beforehand !

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