Top 7 must not miss sports and activities in Rishikesh, beyond just river rafting

rishikesh adventures

While Rishikesh is well-known for its river rafting opportunities, there are many other exciting things to do in Rishikesh. Here’s a list of some other adventure sports and activities you can enjoy in Rishikesh:

  1. Bungee jumping: Rishikesh is home to India’s highest bungee jumping platform, offering a thrilling experience for adrenaline junkies.
  2. Rock climbing: The surrounding area of Rishikesh offers plenty of opportunities for rock climbing, both for beginners and experienced climbers.
  3. Zip lining: Zip lining through the forests of Rishikesh is a great way to take in the beautiful scenery and get a bit of a thrill.
  4. Kayaking: The Ganges River is a great place for kayaking, and there are several companies in Rishikesh that offer guided kayaking trips.
  5. Hiking: The area around Rishikesh is home to several hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging treks.
  6. Yoga and meditation: Rishikesh is known as the “yoga capital of the world,” and there are many ashrams and retreat centers that offer yoga and meditation classes.
  7. Temple visits: Rishikesh is also home to several temples, including the famous Laxman Jhula suspension bridge, which is a popular destination for tourists.

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