Bageshwar is a city and a municipality in the Bageshwar district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is situated at the confluence of the Saryu and Gomti rivers and is a popular destination for Hindu pilgrimage, So you should explore the beauty of bageshwar.The city is known for its historical and religious significance and is home to several temples and ashrams.

Historical Significance of Bageshwar:

  • Bageshwar has many ancient temples, shrines and sacred sites of worship which are significant not only historically but also religiously.
  • The remains of an 8th century temple still stand today, along with the Baghnath temple built by King Lalitaditya in the 8th century.
  • This is an important place of worship for Hindus who visit annually to take part in festivals and celebrations.

Mythological Significance:

  • Bageshwar is considered a “Darwaja”(gateway) to Lord Shiva’s abode at Kasi or Vāranasī as it is known in modern times.
  • According to mythology,the Bagnath Temple in Bageshwar was built by the Pandavas, the five brothers from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, during their exile.
  • It is said that Lord Shiva himself appeared to the Pandavas and instructed them to build the temple at the confluence of the Saryu and Gomti rivers.

How to reach Bageshwar?

  • By Air: The closest airport to Bageshwar is Pantnagar Airport, located at a distance of 179 km from the city. The airport has regular flights from New Delhi and other major cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • By Rail: There is a railway station at Agastyamuni, located about 37 km away from the city. Taxis are available from the station for onward journey to Bageshwar. 
  • By Road: The best way to get to Bageshwar is by road, as the city is connected by highways and roads from other major cities in Uttarakhand such as Nainital (106 km), Almora (112KM) and Pithoragarh (136KM).

Where to Stay in Bageshwar?

  • Hotel Alka: Hotel Alka is a great option if you’re looking for quality accommodation in Bageshwar. Located on the banks of the Saryu River, it offers great amenities at reasonable prices.
  • Beautywood Bageshwar:Beautywood Bageshwar is a modern resort situated in proximity to some of the most popular attractions in Bageshwar. It features luxurious rooms equipped with all modern amenities such as air conditioning, a mini-bar and flat-screen TVs. 
  • The Valley Resort: The Valley Resort is also located near several attractions in Bageshwar and offers guests comfortable accommodation with straightforward furnishings.

Famous places in Bageshwar:

Bagnath Temple:

Bagnath Temple of bageshwar

The Bagnath Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered to be one of the most important temples in the Kumaon region. It is believed to have been built in the 9th century AD and is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Baijnath Temple:

  • Baijnath Temple, located in Bageshwar district of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, is considered to be one of the most famous temples in Kumaon.
  • It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to 12th century A.D. The temple has exquisite architecture and the complex comprises two shrines facing east to west.
  • One in the north devoted to Lord Shiva dedicated as Baijnath or Vishnu Vaidyanath and a south shrine devoted to Goddess Parvati as Girija Devi.

Chitai Temple:

Chitai temple of bageshwar

The Chitai Temple, also known as the Golu Devta Temple.This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is famous for the thousands of bells hanging outside the temple.

  • Visitors can tie a bell and make a wish, it is believed that the wish will be granted if the bell rings.
  • Golu Devta is believed to be the protector of the people in the region and is known for fulfilling the wishes of his devotees.

Bageshwar Museum:

bageshwar museum

The Bageshwar Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of the region. It houses a collection of ancient artifacts, sculptures, and manuscripts that provide a glimpse into the past.

  • The museum is dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the region and showcasing the history, art, and traditions of the local people.
  • The museum features a collection of artifacts, including traditional weapons, musical instruments, household items, and textiles, that have been used by the people of the region for centuries.

Pindari Glacier:

  • The Pindari Glacier is a famous trekking destination located in the nearby Himalayas. The trek offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks and glaciers.
  • It is situated at an altitude of around 3,353 m (11,000 ft) above sea level and is fed by three main peaks: Nanda Kot, Nanda Devi, and Nanda Khat.
  • The Pindari Glacier also serves as a major source of water for the areas downstream, and is also an important spot for scientific research on glacial retreat and water resources.

Activities to do in Bageshwar:

River Rafting: Bageshwar is situated on the confluence of several rivers and with terrain varying from low-lying waters to white water.

It is a paradise for adventure seekers and river rafters alike.

Trekking: The Himalayas are home to some of India’s most beautiful treks, including those through dense forests, high mountain passes and even sacred sites like Gangotri.

Jeep Safari: The town offers thrilling jeep safaris to explore the natural beauty of this region in full glory. You can take jeeps into wild jungles where lives many exotic flora and fauna or onto majestic high altitudes that offers breathtaking views of snowcapped Himalayas.

Food you can try in Bageshwar:

Some popular dishes you can try in Bageshwar include:

  1. Aloo ke Gutke: This is a traditional dish made with boiled potatoes that are mashed and then seasoned with a mix of spices.
  2. Chainsoo: A local dish made from boiled rice and lentils, which is often served with yogurt.

3. Phaanu: A thick lentil-based stew that is a popular winter dish in the region.

4. Bhaang ki chutney: Made from cannabis leaves, this chutney is a local delicacy and is typically served with traditional breads.

5. Gulgula: A sweet made from wheat flour, jaggery and ghee, which is a popular sweet dish in the region.

6. Bal Mithai: This is a traditional sweet made with khoya, sugar and cocoa powder and is a speciality of Kumaon region.

Local drinks like “Chhang” which is a local beer made from millet and “Jaanr” which is a local alcoholic drink made from rice.