Family Trip at Blue Jay Camp

Looking for a fun and active way to keep your kids busy? Blue Jay Camp is the perfect solution! Our family-friendly activities offer a wide variety of engaging and stimulating activities that children and parents can enjoy together. It is located at Kaunjapuri, Badeda in Rishikesh.

What Blue Jay Camp offer?

Blu Jay Camp offers hiking and kayaking trips to group sports, talented art classes and delicious camp cookouts, Blue Jay Camp has something for everyone. We also offer overnight camping on our property, so you can make a weekend out of it. There’s no better way to create lasting memories with your family than at Blue Jay Camp! Check us out today and come join the fun!

How to reach?

Take a flight to Dehra Duhn Airport : The best way to reach Blue Jay Camp in Rishikesh is to take a flight to Dehra Dodhn Airport, which is located around 60km from the camp. From there you can either hire a taxi or use public transport such as buses or shared jeeps. The drive will take approximately 3-4 hours depending on the traffic conditions.

Drive to Blue Jay Camp: If you’re driving yourself, then the most direct route would be to take the NH7 highway from Karnataka, through Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand before finally reaching Rishikesh. It’s a long but beautiful drive and will take roughly 15-17 hours depending on the speed you choose to travel at.

 Rent a Vehicle at Dehra Dodhn Airport: Many companies offer cars, bikes and scooters for rent ensuring that you have your own mobility once you reach your destination. It also makes it easier for travelers who may not know their way around Rishikeash very well. 

Structured Activities with Trained Instructors:

At Blue Jay Camp, we have a wide range of activities designed to engage and challenge children of all ages. Our experienced instructors lead classes, organize games and crafts and make sure everyone knows the importance of following safety protocols. We use positive reinforcement methods to inspire confidence and foster positive relationships between kids, so your children can learn in a supportive environment.

Adventures & Challenges:

From exciting adventures like mountain biking, to more challenging activities such as low-ropes, our programs offer a variety of memorable experiences for every child. Our activities are designed to help children take risks and step out of their comfort zones, as well as build self-confidence and problem solving skills.

Mountain Climbing: Blue Jay camp has a variety of natural features and terrains that offer numerous challenges when it comes to mountain climbing. The towering rock faces, the steep ascents, and the rugged trails make for an exhilarating experience that requires only a moderate level of fitness.

Kayaking & Canoeing: Kayaking and canoeing on Blue Jay Camp’s picturesque lakes are amongst its most popular activities. Paddling in crystal clear waters surrounded by lush forests can be both therapeutic and invigorating. 

Horseback Riding: Horseback riding is another activity that many campers enjoy profoundly at Blue Jay Camp. Thanks to the extensive trails, you will be able to explore everything Blue Jay has to offer – from wildflower meadows blanketed in singing birds to viewing local wildlife species such as bears and foxes, all while comfortably seated atop a friendly horse!

Sports, Arts & Creative Fun:

With activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, rock climbing, fishing and kayaking, Blue Jay Camp has something to offer for every type of camper. We also specialize in artistic activities such as painting and drawing as well as hands-on craft making and design projects which provide hours of fun.

Fishing and Boating :Blue Jay Camp offers unparalleled fishing opportunities on the nearby lakes. Anglers of all skill levels can cast a line to try their hand at catching some of the healthy fish populations living in the nearby lakes that range from crappie, bass, walleye, and northern pike.

Hiking Blue Jay Camp is home to numerous scenic trails for visitors to explore and discover the natural beauty of the area. From leisurely strolls to adventurous hikes through rugged terrain, visitors can choose from a wide variety of trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty levels.

Cabin Rentals: For those looking for an extended camping experience, Blue Jay camp offers fully-equipped cabins with modern amenities such as running water and electricity. 

Delicious Camp Meals for Healthy Eating:

At Blue Jay Camp, we understand the importance of nutritious eating and provide our campers with delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients. Our camp cooks are experts in creating kid-friendly, healthy dishes such as grilled chicken, homemade beef tacos, and veggie stir fry. We also serve up plenty of hearty snacks throughout the day to keep energy levels high, from fresh fruit and veggie snacks to all-time favorites like sweet treats and smoothies!


Arrive at camp in the afternoon.
Set up camp and familiarize yourself with the campground and its facilities.
Enjoy a leisurely dinner around the campfire.

Blue Jay Camp offers great opportunities for any level of fishing skill or experience. You can hire a fishing guide to maximize your chances of an enjoyable adventure, rent out any necessary gear if necessary and give it your best shot!

This is something that everyone will definitely enjoy! Make sure to ask around regarding setting up an igloo bonfire that will keep you cozy and warm while stargazing at night!

From local restaurants offering specialties dishes rooted in Canadian culture to galleries showcasing work from talented artists– don't miss out on anything during your stay here!

Things to Include for Your Family Trip to Blue Jay Camp.

  • 1.Tent
  • 2.Sleeping Gear
  • 3.Cooking Supplies
  • 4.Electronic Devices
  • 5.Sun Protection
  • 6.Binoculars

Things to exclude for Your Family Trip to Blue Jay Camps.

  • 1.Valuable items
  • 2.Alcohol
  • 3.Citronella Candles10
  • 4.Fireworks


What kind of activities are offered at Blue Jay Camp?

Blue Jay Camp offers a wide variety of activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, and more.

Are the activities age-appropriate?

Yes, Blue Jay Camp offers activities that are tailored to different age groups to ensure that all campers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are there any special accommodations for campers with disabilities?

Blue Jay Camp is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all campers. Special accommodations can be made for campers with disabilities upon request.

Are there any additional fees for activities?

Some activities may have additional fees but most of the activities are included in the camp fee.

Are there any supervision for the campers during the activities?

All activities are supervised by trained and experienced staff members to ensure the safety of all campers.

map route for blue jay camps

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Family Trip at Blue Jay Camp